Sometimes a true story is best spread as a fairytale, sometimes a living lie can become the new truth. We have to be careful how we select our self-fulfilling prophecies, and how we deselect what we take for granted.

As fiction can sometimes open minds where facts are failing, Klaartje Jaspers & Co. does not only make traditional journalistic reports, reviews and features, but also produces fiction, poetry, theatre or debates, combining arts and the sciences.

As the International Federation of Journalists declares: “Respect for truth and for the right of the public to truth is the first duty of the journalist“. As we respect the truth, and that public, Klaartje Jaspers & Co. hopes to fulfill this duty, using any means that can carry the message to the audience in any way – using facts, or using fiction.


Klaartje Jaspers & Co. speak and write Dutch & English, and occasionally some other languages* (Arab, French, chiBemba,… – ask for the possibilities). Some of the tools & products we can provide you with, separately or in combination, include:

  • print and online features, just text and/or multimedia
  • interactive data, info graphics*
  • reports
  • reviews
  • evaluations
  • research & analysis
  • social art installations
  • creative concepts for media productions, theatre & events*
  • jubilee publications
  • interviews
  • biographies
  • fairytales
  • children’s books & short stories
  • educational material
  • lyrics
  • scripts (theatre, film*)
  • workshops media education, film making, magazine making
  • projects facilitating social exchange, overcoming social tension
  • film, video, documentaries*
  • animation*
  • games, apps*

As we work together with third parties for a variety of products, marked with an *, production time may take a bit longer.

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